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6 years ago my partner had just left. Having been the one to stay at home to look after the family for the last 4 years since the birth of our son, I was suddenly propelled into a life I had never envisaged. The single mum part I had done before, no problems there other than the usual struggles of doing it all alone instead or as a pair.  However, I had never been a single mum not working…for the first time in my life I had to sign on! Not much of a deal some might say, but for me it was the most humiliating experience I had ever had, one which continued and even got worse for the whole year; made to feel like I didn’t deserve to ask for money and help but also that I was being judged. The very people who were there to help me made me feel inadequate and spoke down to me like I was trash, on my first visit I burst into tears in the interview!  Now I role my eyes at the sight.. what must the poor woman have made of me!!
Months and months of applying for 30+ jobs a week followed, with hardly any response. Interviews were very few and resulted in “you gave the best interview but have no recent experience blah blah..” for over a year I completely forgot who I was. Every inch of self believe and confidence begins to drip away. I began to believe I was the stereotypical single mum on the dole, not the woman who had left school at 16 with excellent grades to work in a Bank for 16 years, part as a supervisor, then a PA for 4 years all alongside bringing up 2 boys for the most part on my own (even when with a partner!). Sounds like a scene from a certain TV programme now I look back on it.. I say with an embarrassed laugh!


Wedding & Event Planner … How did I get here!

5 years ago along came my knight in shining armour. Yes a cliché I hear you shout but it’s true.. I met my husband, an old school friend, at our school reunion 24 years after we had left school and lost contact.  He knew the old me and gave me back my confidence and the belief in what I was capable of .. now there is a good story for a book (wink!)
Fast forward to the last few years .. I graduated from University last year with a BA Honours in Business Management & Marketing, scoring a 2:1 but just short of a 1st!! What an achievement I had never thought possible or capable of. Since then I have also trained in Digital Marketing, User Experience and recently as a wedding planner with the UKAWP.
During the second year of my degree I got married, planning it all and making 80% of it myself. It was this that lead to my passion for planning and anything related to weddings and events. I have a talent for management & consultancy and a passion for creativity & design.
So .. here I am today, setting up my business Amour Occasions Limited, Wedding & Event Planning. The business is still in the early stages but I am just bursting with ideas and cannot wait to start creating clients dreams of the perfect occasion into a reality.
I now get to be the “interior designer” to peoples weddings & events.. that is just a dream for me ..